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In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “______ is the new ______.”

I thought it highly unlikely that the fourth and fourteenth words of my favorite blog could possibly result in anything that made sense, but here they were:  “Marvelous is the new Level.”

Ain’t it the truth, though?  Just today, I chided my managers that the average score they had awarded their employees was a full 58 points above actual average.  We have rendered “average” to be devoid of meaning or boundary.  Each person above average should theoretically be balanced by someone–gasp–below average.  But we can longer say that without flinching, can we…

When exactly did “below average” become politically incorrect?  It is after all a term of mathematics, not insult. Should everybody really get a trophy?

Similarly, products must be new and improved…somehow.  Detergent always features such nonsense, even though I suspect it is pretty much the same formula from the 1950s.  The trim on next year’s car must be changed just enough to justify jacking up the price another grand.

Oh well, at least the next cup of coffee I have will be like nothing I have ever before tasted…right?


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